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The world of the snail

It rained on and off for the most part of yesterday, which wasn't ideal. I wanted to get up to the pond as I hadn't been up all week, but the persistent drizzle made me think otherwise. However, there was a break in the weather at about eight o'clock, so I decided to get out while it lasted.

Unfortunately, there was no spell of gorgeous weather that you sometimes get after rain. The dark clouds were still looming over the town as I emerged from the dene. This didn't just mean that the lighting was terrible, but also that another shower would come soon. Sure enough it did, and before I even got to the pond I was rather damp. Thankfully it didn't rain hard - I had forgotten my coat!

As I walked along the path to the pond, I noticed that there were very large numbers of snails. As I hadn't taken any photos yet, and birds were lacking, I decided to spend some time trying to photograph them. This wasn't too easy with a telephoto!

After taking quite a few photos,…

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