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Prestwick Carr and some local highlights.

Today has been one of the best days for quite some time. I saw some great birds, and found some of my first nests ever, as well as getting quite a lot of my homework done which means I have more time to spend birding tomorrow! It all started off with a trip up to the pond. I was walking through the dene when I saw a Song Thrush down by the stream with a beak full of dead leaves. I stopped to watch the bird, and soon it flew onto the path right in front of me! I stood there, amazed, while I watched it fly up into a holly bush by the pathway. I saw it land on a large clump of leaves in a fork of the branches - it's nest! This is my second nest this year and another nest for me to record. Therefore I am very pleased about it!

When I first arrived at the pond there was not much about. A few Black-headed Gulls were sat looking rather bored while the Mallards slept on the bank. However, after walking around for a few minutes I heard a familiar song. A song I had not heard for quite some…

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